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The Chandler Amp C50 is derived from the well-known Western Electric Tube circuit from the 40’s that the Tweed Bassman and JTM 45/ Plexi amps where based on. This circuit is famous for having a beautiful warm, clear tone with clean sustain that has been well loved by guitar players for many years.

We use 50 watt premium parts and hand wire each one to order. 
​​​The result is a fat, clear and tone-full amp, with plenty of headroom to cover most any gig. While providing a great clean and overdriven tones that will take pedals wonderfully. Base Model Starting at $1499

​#Some options available:

Cabinet Covering and Speaker configuration choice.
​Bias pot and test points
​Pre-Amp Voicing, Dual Rectifier or Low power switch​
Boutique parts options​
​​22 to 100 watt versions
Master Volume
Effects Loop​
High Gain / JCM800 model
Heavy Duty Vinyl Cover

As with all Chandler Amps we *CUSTOM VOICE each amplifier to the players specifications.​​

EL34 Powered 50 Watt Plexi Inspired Tube Amp