CHANDLER CUSTOM AMPS C5...5-15 Watt, Class A, Single Ended Amp
The C5 is a Class A, Single Ended amp that has that old school Derek and the Dominos / Ron Wood in the Faces / Early ZZ Top tone that only a bare bones circuit can deliver.

​​The base model is a *CUSTOM VOICED*​​ 5 watt tone machine. Housed in a lightweight 1x12 pine combo cabinet with an alnico straight cone speaker. Which sticks with our philosophy of smaller, light weight gig-able amps. Perfect for stage or studio. With a few tweaks it can be a great HARP amp.

​The controls are, Tone and Volume with both high and low gain inputs to accommodate single coil or humbucker pickups. The tones go from beautifully clean and chimey all the way to overdriven, creamy and down right nasty. Base Model Starts at $1299

A few available options are:​​

​Cabinet Covering choice
1x10 combo​
5,10 or ​
15 watt version
Speaker choice​
​Dual rectifier switch
​Boutique parts options​
Footswitch for Boost and or Fat​

As with all Chandler Amps we *CUSTOM VOICE* each amplifier to the players specifications. ​​