C35 Blackface Princeton Style 35 watt 1 X 12 Combo Amp
Princeton reverb clone


The C35 is derived from a 1960's Blackface Princeton Reverb Circuit.

  • We then beefed up the transformers and power supply that allows for the use of 6L6GC output tubes.
  • Put it into a lightweight 1x12 pine cabinet with a Weber 12F150
  • ​​The result is a louder, clearer 35 watt PR​​​ with a lush bias vary tremolo and tube driven reverb.
  • Making the C35 a relatively small and light amp (average 35 lbs.) with enough headroom for most gigs.​​​​ Base Model Starts at $1599

Some of the other changes we made were:
  • An adjustable bias​ pot.
  • The addition of a versatile Midrange Control.
Some of the options available are:​

  • Cabinet Covering choice.
  • External bias test points​ & adjustment pot.
  • Impedance switch, which allows the use of 6V6GT output tubes, or an external speaker cabinet.
  • Tweed switch, adds mids for more of a tweed amp feel.
  •  Footswitch for Tremolo, Reverb (and or Boost )​
  • 14, 22, 40 or 50 watt versions 
  • 1x10 2x10 or 1x15 speaker cabinet
  • Speaker choice
  • High / Low power switch
  • Dual Rectifier Switch
  • Boutique parts options​
  • Heavy Duty Vinyl Cover
As with all Chandler Amps we *CUSTOM VOICE each one to the players specifications.

C35 Sound Clips 
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