C15.... 18 Watt EL84 Amp
  • The Chandler Amps C15 is based on many different "18 watt" EL84 tube amplifier circuits the I have built and restored over the years. We took the best sounding facets of those amps and combined them into this amp. 
  • ​The C15 is a *CUSTOM VOICED 18 watt tone machine. Housed in a lightweight 1x12 pine combo cabinet. Resulting in a tone-ful, light weight gig-able amp. 
  • ​The controls are a simple Volume and Tone (with an optional MV - Tone - Gain layout) The tones go from beautifully clean and chimey all the way to overdriven and creamy. Depending on how the controls are dialed in. Perfect for studio or stage as long as you like a little break up to your tone or you mic it. Base Model Starts at $1399

A few available options are:​​
  • ​Cabinet Covering choice
  • Lunchbox Head
  • 30 watt version
  • Speaker choice​
  • ​Dual rectifier switch
  • Boutique parts options​​

As with all Chandler Amps we *CUSTOM VOICE each amplifier to the players specifications. ​​
A few sound clips from my friend Andrew's studio. The C15 panned to the Left......
If you have any questions or just want to talk tone, feel free to email us at  call / TEXT 610-356-8552