CHANDLER CUSTOM AMPS  C100B... A 100 Watt All Tube Bass Amp
The C100B is an all tube design based on a few different versions of the "Bassman". We have restored and built many different examples of this venerable circuit and have taken the best of all those amps and came up with our own take on this design.​​ This amp will be available in head form only and will be in the 100 watt range depending on tube choice. Paired with a nice bass cabinet it will be plenty of volume and punch for most gigs. While delivering a great warm old school tone. Base Model Starts at $1899

  • Choice of cabinet covering.
  • Choice of output tube​​s
  • 6L6GC (stock)
  • 6550/ KT88 (more headroom)
  • EL34 (more growl)
  • Balanced (XLR) line out.
  • High and Low gain inputs
  • Preamp voicing switch
  • 4 and 8 ohm outputs
  • Bias adjustment and test point