custom tube amps
High Quality, Hand Wired Vintage Style Tube Guitar Amps
100 watt Super Lead
Chandler Amps is a division of J.C. Stewart Electric LLC.

  • I am a master electrician with a love of music and a quest for the Ultimate TONE. I have been building, modifing and repairing tube amps since 1999. 
  • ​My philosophy for great tone is to keep it simple. Straight forward vintage style circuits with a minimum of tone altering features. 
  • ​The sound of those old school amps is what we all hear in our head. Capturing the tone and more importantly the feel of them is what we do. 
  • ​We voice each amp for the customer's needs, paying close attention to style of music and size of venue it will be played in. 
  • ​I can also assist customers with other tone options, such as choosing the right speaker and cabinet. As well as having the right effects in line and the correct guitar setup. 
  • ​Being a musician myself, I have the experience to deliver the optimal tone on stage and in the studio.
Contact J. Chandler Stewart in Media, PA @ 610-356-8552 or email us at